Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I've decided to start a blog!

It's been four months and three weeks since we tied the knot! I guess the wedding was fun, or I might say it was if I honestly remembered much of that day. So much to think about and take care of... Anyway, we are now living in Nana and Papa's house (housesitting) until they come back in October. NO RENT!! and we still have trouble with income... Conrad's friend Ian moved in a little more than a week ago, and contributes generously to the grocery fund and such.

I put in my two weeks notice for Victoria's Secret and started working at Podge's again. I know it looks like a step backwards, considering it was my first job in high school, but they actually give me more hours and authority than Victoria did in almost a year. Stupid corporation. Today, I was at work, making egg salad or something and I kept getting calls on my phone. Now, obviously I can't answer, and obviously I'm not going to silence my phone or put it away, because I like knowing when people contact me. (I hate the sense of importance I get when I screen calls, like I know that whatever the caller needs to say can wait because my time is worth SO much) So there I was, screening calls like whatever, and I'm like, "Why does my home keep calling me? There's nothing important enough for four phone calls and three messages."

Boy, did I feel sheepish when I listened to the voice mails. In this order:
Zac: "Hi I was just calling to see if he's ok."

Who's he? What happened?

Conrad: "I think your mom already got a hold of you. I hope you're ok. See you later, love you."

Why would I not be ok? What's going on?

Mom: "I just wanted to let you know that Ryan had a longboarding accident on Golden Hills. He has a fracture in his skull and he's bleeding out the ear. We'll be at the hospital so you won't be able to reach us."

Um, thanks Mom. Making me think my brother was dying. Turns out he stayed conscious the whole time (very good sign), and the bleeding out the ear means that
1) he hit his head very hard
2) the bleeding is not internal, so there was no brain swelling or pressure.

So the ambulance came. And a fire truck. AND a helicopter. He was airlifted to some hospital in LA. Funny thing was, when the helicopter showed up, Ryan showed the most typical sign for him that he'd be ok: He clapped because he got to take a helicopter ride.

He'll be ok. No brain damage or anything, and however easy it is to fix a skull, I think it will be relatively simple. Only a few days in the hospital. Could have been way worse, like loss of memory, or sensory detail, or a coma.

I felt so scared that I'd lose my brother, so I came home and decided I needed an outlet. A creative space where I could save all my memories, all the important pieces of my life that I want to remember. Life is incredible, and precious, and fleeting. So here's my blog, trying to capture all the little parts of my life.

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