Our Love Story

The first time Conrad saw me, he was sitting behind me in church. He thought my hair was pretty and my textured tights were stylish.

The first time we spoke, we were giving talks in church. We were sitting up on the stand together, and we laughed about how short our talks were, and how much extra time there would be when we were done. I thought he was nice and weird. And that his nose was gloriously huge.

The first time we spent time together, it was horribly awkward. He was my home teacher, and his companion was our friend. We hung out and I talked about myself all night like the self-centered eighteen-year-old I was. I wouldn’t see him again for a few months while I was attending BYU-Idaho.

On our first date, I was back in town between semesters. He took me rock climbing and then out to dinner. The whole thing was, again, horribly awkward. The harness situation at the rock climbing hangar… The disgusting buffalo chicken I accidentally ordered, but ate anyway to avoid seeming picky… The moment at the end of the date where I thought he was about to kiss me and I gracelessly avoided it. Needless to say, I had no intention of going out with him again.

I went back for my second semester at BYU-I, thought of him a few times, and came back in July for my off track. We started hanging out over the summer, and each occasion was fraught with awkwardness. He made me help him move his couch. HIS PULL-OUT BED COUCH. The thing weighed 400 pounds.
After many weird hang-outs and a few uncomfortable ultimatums, we were dating.

The first time we kissed, we were in our friends apartment. We had just had “the conversation,” and defined our relationship. We sat there in silence for a minute. I was waiting for him to make a move. He was just sitting there obliviously. So I leaned in and got it over with. And at the time, it was weird (that seems to be the defining word of our relationship). That was my last first kiss. And I’m so glad it was with him.

The kissing just got better and better.  So did the conversation. Six weeks after that last first kiss, we were engaged. We were in the car. We just decided together that we wanted to be married. I didn’t tell my parents. He spoke with them the next day and got their approval, then a day or two later we told them we were engaged.

Five months later, we were married for eternity.

And the kissing still keeps getting better. 

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