Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Class Registration

I can register for winter and spring semesters on December 2. One problem: I'm an English Major, and Citrus only has 1 more English class I need. This would be great if I didn't have to have 12 units in order to receive financial aid. So I'll be forced to take 9 units of classes I don't need, which will cut into my work time. I guess it will be ok, because hopefully next semester I can graduate (not the big-deal graduation, but the small time, associates degree graduation). How is it that I've taken ALL of Citrus's English classes already? Time flew.

Anyway, we've been so blessed lately. I've been getting tons of work, and we're both doing really well in school. We both only have four or five more weeks of school, then we can take a break and celebrate the holidays together!! We got our Christmas tree, have already done some christmas shopping, and we just need to get some little stuff for our family members, then we'll be done. some of the stuff is going to have to be really REALLY cheesy because we can't afford lots of good stuff for our families. I made my mother-in-law something. hope she likes it. Hope my sisters-in-law don't tease me too much about how bad of a gift it is.

All I need to make life sweeter is a little rain.

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