Monday, November 9, 2009

Tonight's Menu: Ratatouille served with garlic ciabatta and goat cheese

Turns out goat cheese is really gross. Like, lick an armpit, gross. But the bread and the ratatouille were amazing! Conrad and I ate almost the entire pan. Next time, I think I'd use parmesan or mozzerella instead of goat cheese. We also had pear cider.

School is almost over! I think there are 5 weeks left. Today in American Lit, I had a test, and totally killed it. Not bad for not knowing there was a test. Tomorrow I have a worksheet on Othello due, then Wednesday, I have to turn in my take-home midterm for Bible Lit, read 14 chapters in Scarlet Letter and answer 100 or so questions (ugh), then take a math test. Busy week.

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