Tuesday, December 15, 2009

In Response to Jacie Bowen Saltzman

By blog stalking [Jacie Saltzman] I came across this website that morphs two pictures of people to look like a baby they might have. I thought it would be awesome to submit the most distorted pictures Conrad and I have. Jacie and Shane's baby turned out really creepy (I'm really going to regret saying that someday), so I thought if the website had really freaky pics of me and Conrad, the baby would be a total monster. Quite wrong. While little baby Frame doesn't look ANYTHING like either of us, I don't think he's that nasty.

Conrad and I are destined to have beautiful children. Sorry Jacie. Parenting is a competition. 

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  1. hahahah! so before even reading it, i look at the picture and im like wtf? how come their baby turned out cute and normal?! haha! thats hilarious


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