Friday, February 5, 2010

I want to go to there

I wish I was in Dublin. I want to see the old churches and castles and landscapes. Ireland invented green. I want to smell rain where I think it would smell the best.

I wish I was in 1920's Los Angeles. And New York City. I want to wear fringe dresses and thick makeup and listen to jazz at a speakeasy. I wish men wore suits all the time.

I wish I was on a short beach on the east coast. I want to lay close to the warm Atlantic water on a warm day. I want to wear a cozy sweater and fall asleep at the foot of a lighthouse.

I wish I was in an old Hollywood theater or playhouse. Or in an opera house from the 40's. I wish people still dressed up for entertainment. I wish women still wore dresses everywhere and wore red lipstick.

I wish I was the Bond Girl and Conrad was Bond and we fought crime and corruption and saved the world and looked smokin' hot all the time. Oh wait...thats my life already.

I wish I was an amazing ballroom dancer and piano player and poetry reciter. And French and Italian speaker. And escape artist and cellist and ukulele player.

I wish I lived in a house that I designed and decorated with my husband. I want high ceilings, hardwood floors and an amazing garden.

We're workin hard to make our dreams come true. Please share your own wishes!

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  1. I love these wishes. They are so... Tess.

    I wish I could visit you sometime this year.

    I'm taking a road trip down the west coast after I graduate. We should make it happen. :)


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