Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My life once we're stinking rich

Being young, married, and poor rocks! However, it inhibits any extra eccentricities you'd indulge in, had you enough money. Here are a few things I will do when we strike gold.

get a cello and learn how to play it.
build a custom house with my hub.
get a better car.
paint outside.
become a competing ballroom dancer.
swim whenever i want because my pool will be heated year round.
work out regularly with a personal trainer who has no mercy.
stop being a frump.
new clothes all the time.
go to parties, fashion shows, charity events, etc.
learn whatever i want [sculpting, piano, photography, clothing design].
travel on a whim.
have a fantastically landscaped yard.
have a luxury sail boat.
do all this stuff with my kids.

Yes, I will be a socialite. Yes, I will do my own cooking and cleaning. I want to expose my kids to fantastic things {art, history, travel, nature}, but I will also teach them that they could only get these things with work. My parents set the same example for me and my siblings. I enjoy work. I enjoy being domestic. I also enjoy being catered to and shopping. Having both is not impossible, in fact it is easier to obtain the latter by also doing the former. That is why I've chosen to finish my education. I've decided to work as long as I'm In school. How can I tell my kids to finish education and be hard workers if I have/am not?

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