Saturday, May 15, 2010

no more waiting

I feel like my life has just been a lot of waiting lately.
-waiting to hear from Conrad's job
-waiting to buy a house/get away from our horrible neighbor
-waiting to get new cars
-waiting to choose/go to a university
-waiting to have kids

Well, we finally don't have to wait [for most of those things] anymore! We found out from Conrad's job that he will be transferred to San Diego! We can finally start looking for a house! We can finally find a school for me! We don't really need new cars yet, and we're not ready for kiddies, but soon enough, we'll have it all!

I feel so blessed that we've been able to start off in an area that is difficult for young people to thrive in. We are SO blessed that Conrad got a well-paying job BEFORE graduation [most students hope for an internship, even if it doesn't pay!].

Very exciting stuff we've got going on here.

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