Saturday, May 22, 2010


I guess I've been depressed lately?? Or something? I really felt like my life was totally out of my own control, and like I couldn't do anything right.

That is quite enough of that.
I had a nice little nervous breakdown last night (and most of all day yesterday).
I think everyone should have a breakdown, in a "clear your mind by crying all night" way.
I woke up with puffy eyes, a clear head, and motivation to pick up the pieces and start over.

I've started by calling out of work. That place is one of the main sources for my frustration, so I'm going to spend the day NOT being there.

I've also decided that I'm going to clean my house. Starting with the ceiling fans, working my way down the walls (especially in the bathroom. Did you know that if you pee in the shower, which I do, the steam and pee sticks to the walls and drips down and you can actually see the yellow pee drops all over the bathroom? YUCK! That's a habit I might have to kick) and finishing with the floor.

I'm going to cook food I like, and wear clothes that I don't want to rip off - probably a bathing suit.

I'm also going to tackle things that annoy me, like online applications, clutter [I brought home some small boxes and I plan on filling them today, since we'll be moving soon], and how there's only one curtain in my room. I thought there were two in the package; turns out there's one! It looked cool for a couple months, but now it looks stupid, so I'll buy the other curtain and hang it so my house doesn't look like a barren, lop-sided, unfinished, college student's dorm room.

I will shank the chaos out of my life. Then I will shower.

In progress:
clean my mind
clean my environment
clean my body

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