Tuesday, June 8, 2010

apartment browsing

Over the weekend we went apartment browsing in San Diego and we found where we want to live! It's in Solana Beach, like a ten minute bike ride to the beach/downtown! This is the floor plan.
Welcome Home to Spacious Floor Plans Designed with You In Mind

Also, Conrad got a surfboard from his parents for graduation! It's a really beautiful board. More pictures later.

So, I finally found my paint. While I had left them at my parents house, someone used them. That would normally be ok, but whoever used them didn't rinse the brushes, so now I have to buy 20 new brushes. How do you use every single paint brush and not think to wash them?

It's ok. It's nice and June-gloomy today, and I have plans to do laundry, study for my final tomorrow, go to the Relief Society activity tonight, and buy myself some good brushes to get started on my Australian Aboriginal painting! And maybe pack a few more boxes. I'm slowly checking off my to-do list (even though it feels like I'll check off one, and add three).


  1. i love the place!! and all ive seen is a layout haha. im so extremely jealous that you will live so close to the beach. that is like a dream. congrats!

  2. That's awesome that you get to live so close to the beach! You guys are going to have a wonderful little life in your cute (layout) of an apartment. (I'm sure the real thing is cut too!


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