Tuesday, June 1, 2010


This weekend we went to Palm Springs [yum... desert] for some intense celebrating. Zoe and Wilbur Rohner have been married for 50 years, and all their family and friends came to congratulate!

We got to see Garrett and Kate in all their newlywed glory, and I'm really glad that I'm no longer the ONLY outcast [er...I mean in-law] anymore. Kate and I got along really well, and I'm glad we'll be able to creep out together at family gatherings. We baked in the desert sun and swam with our hubbies, somehow developed several inside jokes in only 3 hours, and played with Hank, the long-haired bunny. I guess HARE is a better term. Ugh, I crack myself up.

After the party, the four of us went bowling! It was really awkward, as there was no music playing, and no one can bowl. Nevertheless, total party.

Our names typed in to the computer screen really badly: COB (Conrad), TTSA (Tess), GAARETT (Garrett), JAREW (Kate). It was all giggles after Jarew. Seriously, how do you pronounce that? like Ja Rule with no L? Or like Jew with an R in there somewhere?

Then there was this guy wearing a hilariously tacky shirt (that totally matched his disgusting personality) who kept yelling over at our game trying to coach us...? or something? Hey fat, red, beer drinker, I'm not impressed by your t-shirt or your overwhelming ambition for your six year old daughter to succeed in bowling.

Also, I snapped my thumb nail off (my real nail, by the way) in a bowling ball.

I'd say this holiday was a huge success.

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