Thursday, July 22, 2010

The millionth day of job searching

So it ended up not working out with Pete. Long story short: too far to drive; the money I made didn't cover the gas I used. So now I'm back on the market! I should put an ad up somewhere.

Crafty young housewife seeks fun, easy, low effort job with high pay.

But realistically, I want to work. I'm a good employee. I hate sitting at home looking for a job, not making money. If I can't be in school for now, I MUST work!! I feel like my last job was super easy to nab. - it was - I worked for them before, and kind of just picked up where I left off.

Some disappointing news:

I got into Chapman.

I'd love to go there. It's a beautiful campus, I got into the English department, I'd graduate in under 2 years... but no. The drive is an hour and 15 minutes, the train ride would be 2 hours, and tuition is $35,000. Quite the price for a degree I'll probably never use. So I will not be attending school for a while. We'll see how that turns out.

Why did I even get in? God is teasing me. My choices are kicking my butt.

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