Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Best Friend's Wedding

Elyssa Squires is marrying Chris Kirkham on July 30th in the St. George Temple.

My husband can't go because of work. Its weird. I feel awkward attending without him, but really want to be there. So I've been soliciting for my sisters (of blood and marriage relation) to go with me, and just have a girls night in Vegas.

If she (either sister) came, we would drive all night, sleep in St. George somewhere, and she would wait outside the temple while I'm inside, husbandless. Then we'd go to the luncheon or whatever is going on, drive to Las Vegas for the reception at 7, stay the night (?) and go home.

Is this weird? Is this not as weird as I feel like it is? What should I do? Has anyone attended a wedding post-marriage, but stag? Is that allowed? I feel like I'm breaking a rule I didn't mean to make.

I mean, husbands and wives are allowed to do stuff seperately, but going to a wedding solo, when you have a date-for-life?


  1. also, would the situation be different if i was older? i feel like a 30-year old (or older) couple wouldn't have this issue.

  2. haha yes ive gone to a few post marriage. it is weird. you feel silly and i remember thinking "everyone must be thinking that me and my husband are fighting" but really, he just works so hard that he couldnt come. but being there for close friends at the wedding is more important than you feeling silly (at least thats how i felt). so i just sucked it up and went anyways, and tried to party.

  3. haha, i'll try. my thing isn't that people will think i'm fighting with my husband, but that i'm single. the most awkward thing ever is when people think you're a high school girl and you're like, "um, no, actually, i've been married for a year and a half..."

  4. Tesiah!I found your guys' blog...and i like you.
    But what i've found on the topic concerning this post is that sometimes its fun to go stag to those things because it helps you remember how fun you are without your husband. does that sound bad? I mean it feels good to know you can still have fun without him. Especially with a bunch of your best ladies. so go and have fun!

  5. I'm the boss since this is my wedding, and I say you are welcome, stag and all. If nothing else, you can kick it with Ashley and Jinny and all my single friends!!! You totes know them, and Ashley already adores you.


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