Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Things i've learned or relearned today

1. being skinny is not an achievement.
2. there IS such thing as "too many buttery sauteed mushrooms." your diarrhea will testify.
3. have a set place for car keys so there isn't a mix-up.
4. don't shove the bed spread into the dryer with everything else, or nothing will dry.
5. having other people's attention/approval almost never matters.
6. "promise you won't freak out" really works on your husband.
7. shaving legs sucks, but so do spiky legs.
8. old, saggy bathing suits make for the most righteous wedgies.
9. keeping a private journal is not the same thing as keeping secrets.
10. Heavenly Father really loves me a whole lot.

I got a job! I'm a caretaker/friend to Pete! He's 28, but looks and has the mental capacity of a 12 year old. My job is to play with him and do fun stuff, like biking, movies, and concerts and stuff.

Pretty cool. I meet him tomorrow.

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  1. legitimately jealous of your job. sounds amazing. also, i miss you. also, the wedgie part made me laugh and i wished i could witness your experience with it. <3


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