Thursday, August 26, 2010

Padre's Game

Tonight Conrad and I are going to a Padre's game. I'm not a fan of the Padre's, or baseball at all, for that matter, so it will be really fun as long as no one actually makes me watch. I'm sure the evening will be full of expensive food, standing when everyone else stands (even though I don't know why), and laughing and smiling. I've noticed that we do something fun almost every night, but I rarely write about it.

We visited Conrad's aunt and uncle who are camping really nearby. It was fun to talk to them and eat really high-end camping food (gourmet meat loaf, strawberry-pistachio salad, and mashed potatoes, finished with banana chocolate chip muffins that I brought). Seriously, who eats like that when they're camping?

Anyway, I had another unsuccessful trip to the thrift store today. I found one right off the freeway, so I stopped in. They had tons of good stuff, but it was all over $5! Maybe I'm being too picky, but I really want to find things that are ridiculously cheap. So I left empty-handed, went home and watched a couple episodes of Mad Men, and got ready for the game (by "got ready" I mean put shoes on).

Here I am, waiting in Conrad's office while he finishes up his 30-minute meeting - that started over an hour ago - blogging the time away. I'll let you know who wins the baseball game tomorrow, though I'm sure most you care as much about baseball as I do.

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