Monday, August 16, 2010


Conrad at Cardiff. Love him.

I finally painted my blue wall! It's way brighter than I thought, but I like it. I had no help from Conrad, which means I moved a very heavy dresser by myself, and did all the detailing by myself. I stood on a stool to paint where the sealing and wall meet, and a bunch of spiders were crawling around my face. I almost fell off the stool because a web brushed my nose.

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  1. laaaaaame. now you are ahead of me by like a week and i don't get to view like 4 potentially fantastic posts from you. way to ruin my life.

    ps. tumblr is like blogspot. it's just another blogging website. so if you want, you can list some of your favorite blogs. that's all it means. the end.


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