Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Start a business
Be more eco-conscious
- I already use reusable grocery bags, and I sometimes use my tin water bottle, but I really want to try to produce less trash. We take out the garbage almost every other day, and I think its ridiculous, considering there's only 2 of us. We shouldn't be throwing that much stuff away.
Get a job
-Job interview tomorrow. wish me luck.
Read more
-Internet less
Buy a house
Spend less on things I don't really need
Plan meals ahead of time
Be more appreciative of lovely things

I think these are goals most people have.

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  1. haha shane and i were JUST talk about the trash situation like 3 minutes ago. funny. and yeah, i reccomend watching the documentary called "no impact man", if you havent seen it. gives you a lot to think about in the environmentally conscious area.


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