Wednesday, September 8, 2010

To conclude this wonderful summer...

This summer has been amazing. Conrad and I have made some incredible changes and decisions.

The biggest and first change was that we moved (quite suddenly) to Solana Beach. I was sad to leave Covina, and to be so far away from my family at first, and I was very upset to be postponing my education. But we made the move, have survived so far and many great things have come from it. I've grown closer with my in-laws, which is really important. We are right by a beach, and can go whenever we want (although, this summer was a particularly chilly one, so we didn't go a whole lot). The move has made Conrad and I grow closer as friends and spouses, because when we came here, almost everything was unfamiliar, and we kind of had to cling to each other for support and comfort.

Another big change is for me to get back into school. I'm really excited that I'm still moving forward, even if its not full-time classes. I'm making some friends, so I'm finally not all alone with my brooding thoughts all day. Still job searching.

We've adjusted our family timeline. This is something I always wonder about other couples, so for any curious friends, here's our baby plan. When we first got married, we said two years from that point we would get pregnant. Then, as time went on, we pushed the date back further. We love being married! Once we had been married for a year, we said two more years. But then I lost sight of my graduation date. It moved further away, so we moved the baby-date further away. As of right now, we're thinking three years, to give me time to graduate, and for us to maybe move one more time and settle in. However, a surprise would be a welcome, although difficult, one. We are so excited, and we look at onesies in the store and write down good names, but we are waiting, meanwhile strengthening the core relationship of this little family.

I am so anticipating Fall. Conrad's birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, maybe a cruise, cold cozy weather, colorful leaves, the smell of cinnamon and fire... So grateful for all our blessings.


  1. haha i love that you posted your baby plans! its like what everyone asks you once you get married.

  2. i know, i figured i'd just tell everyone since i know they all want to know anyway. like i said, i'm always curious about other couples.


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