Monday, November 22, 2010


As in, spectacles, not liquid holders. Without them I'd have lots of wrinkles and headaches from squinting.

Today I had a big list of things to do.
- tutor
- laundry
- figure out a good stuffing recipe
- shower
- clean the house
- put together a shopping list, go shopping

Only one of those things got done. Tutoring. I was feeling fine this morning, and on the way to my tutee's house, I stopped to pick up a sandwich (because I love sandwiches). I ate half, did 2 hours of tutoring, and then on my way home, I got really nauseous and shaky. I was speeding because I wanted to get home as soon as possible. Came home, gulped a soda to soothe the stomach (which worked a little), laid in bed and blogged.

Getting excited for Thursday!

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  1. lol sounds like so many of my days. i am always making a big long list of everything i would like to get done (esp. on saturdays) and then shane will eventually find the list and be like "sooo, you got "eat lunch" and "blog" done, but not "homework" or "clean" haha.


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