Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Be An Early Bloomer

While making my grocery list today, I decided I would purchase flowers (deciding ahead of time removes the "impulse" factor). My house is on the bottom floor in the back of the building, which means we get almost no sunlight. Which means it's freezing and dark. And we don't have a functioning heater.
I found some flowers that went well together and that I thought would brighten up my home, and began arranging. Even better, they were 3 for 12 dollars.

A hectic experience it was. There were long stems everywhere, and my kitchen is so small that any movement of the long flowers meant... WHACK. Petals everywhere. A few blooms didn't make it, but overall, the arrangement turned out good.

Chose two or three different blooms that compliment each other. Trim the stems to fit the vase appropriately. In the vase, make sure you use those little "flower food" packets they give you. They just mix right into the water. They really do make the flowers stay fresh longer.

Your house will be summer-y and fresh, and the brightness of the flowers will distract away from the wintery cold weather and your pasty white legs. Luckily, for the flowers, our house is like a refrigerator, and will keep them nice and perky.

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