Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Today at work didn't go as well as yesterday. I almost barfed. Regular feet are ok. Make the 80 years old and add some funk, fungus, and other nasties, and they're not so precious.

Questioning if I can handle this for another day.

Plus side: I got to take X-rays today. and I only had to work a half day. Whoopie!
On my way home I ate 6 cookies. Binge much?


  1. but you can handle it! Love You.

  2. so when i was in cosmetology school we had these worksheets with several various hair styling requirements. as we would do them we would have them checked off and signed by an instructor. we had to complete 12 sheets to graduate.

    anyways, what i'm getting at is that for a few months our school volunteered at an retirement center where old people would hang out. we did simple hair cuts, styling and mani/pedi's. if we were brave enough to do the pedicures we got almost an entire sheet signed off.
    so i braved it.
    naturally, an old man who used to be a chemist always wanted a pedicure. so along with bunions i worked around ingrown toe nails, long and yellow toe nails, fungi and yes, a wart that looked like a 6th toe.

    after this field trip to geriatrics r us we would go home for lunch.
    i gagged every time i put food in my mouth. i would take a bite, picture his feet and then spit up in the trash can.

    i feel your pain.
    also, it was a good diet.
    love you!


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