Friday, January 7, 2011

The year of experiences

My New Years Resolutions have somewhat already been talked about in this blog. But I just read an inspiring blog post about new years resolutions that made me take a second look at them.

Most of my resolutions are things that are going to happen whether I set the goal or not, like "save money" or "finish school." And some of the goals are things I should have already been doing, like "finally finish the Book of Mormon with Conrad." My friend's blog post talks about deciding on a word that you would like to incorporate into your life. Not just a thing on a list of things, but something that actually changes who you are.

I decided that mine is experience. I want to experience things. I don't just want to do everything I have to do, and then go home and watch TV. I want to go places, with people or alone, it doesn't matter. Traveling, of course, is on the list, but so are smaller outings, like the zoo, botanic gardens, good restaurants, concerts, and plays. And I vow to always have my camera with me, so that I can remember my experiences, because what good are they if you forget them?

Here's my execution plan: Movies and TV are no longer how I spend my time. If I'm out and about, I will stay out. I'll invite people I like to spend time with me. Friends are experiences, too. And now that I'm working, I can pay for my little trips without affecting our budget.

First outing (officially) of the year: tonight we're going to the temple. The best possible outing to kick-start the year.

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