Thursday, March 17, 2011

Karma for Ninners' foot

I hate complaining on blogs/facebook. But I deserve it today.

Last night, I was so excited to see Conrad. I was sitting in my computer chair, waiting for him to come home, and just chilling on the computer. I heard him try to open the door, and I got up to go run toward him and give him a big greeting, when my computer cord got wrapped around my big toe. I ran, pulling the cord hard, tripped myself, kicked the leg of a stool really hard, and fell. Conrad heard my yip, opened the door, and found my cursing and crying, holding my foot.

All I wanted to do was run and jump on him and kiss him! I thought I had broken my toe. Now I just think I jammed it really hard. There's a bunch of fluid build up, its swollen and bruised, and full of pressure. It hurts to walk on, and hurts to not walk on. In this situation, I find myself very lucky to work in a podiatrist office, where they can check out my foot in a couple minutes, without me having to make an appointment.

Also, I slept through my science class. And got a hideous glasses tanline yesterday.

Days like this make me want to eat brownies, popcorn, raspberry herbal tea, and a big block of cheese. I'll be fine if I just have the cheese, though.

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