Friday, March 4, 2011

Not one for discipline

I'm a big library goer. Why buy a book if you're only going to read it once? I'm also a big French enthusiast, and a fierce eater. Basically, if you know those 3 things about me, you know almost all the big stuff.

So whilst perusing my local 'brarie, I stumbled across this little livre. I checked it out, thinking, just based on the cover, that I was about to get an insightful look at French cuisine. While true, it's more a book of learning to control indulgences (something I haven't been super disciplined on since I got married). I haven't gained 30 lbs or anything, but 5-10 lbs on a small frame really shows.

One of the other big things about me: I'm not so keen on self-deprivation or discipline. I just hate working out and dieting. I mean, really. Je deteste la. This book is really what I need to learn to catch myself when going back for another cookie, or another helping of pasta, or several sodas. Indulgence is good. C'est tres francaise. But not if you indulge all the time. Then it just becomes bad habit.

I'm slowly trying to make mental changes. There are a bunch of recipes in the book, too, for healthy French food. This book might be one for keeping.

On another note, just thought I'd share what an amazing day it is. Isn't it supposed to be winter? I can see the ocean. Mmmmm.


  1. Hey, what library do you go to? The Del Mar one is tiny. And I've used the SD county library catalog search to look for a handful of specific books, and they didn't have any of them. So I'm kind of disappointed in the library book selection here...

  2. I went to the Del Mar library. I also go to the Solana Beach one, but I prefer Del Mar. It's small, but I love the building. They can order any book for you.


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