Friday, April 29, 2011

Leathers and Linens

All this fuss about moving has my focus totally off of school, and totally glued to what I want my new, semi-permanent (by which I mean 2 years) home to look like. And I must say, after much mulling, I've decided that I'm a little bit obsessed with Restoration Hardware. Of course it's some of the most expensive furniture you can buy. Of course most of it is over-sized and better suited for a 10,000 square foot joint. But it's what I aspire to. And if I can't have that exact furniture, I can at least mimic the styles, right? Here's some of my favorites:

I love the light linens in this room. It's so open and clean.

French Casement Bookcases I love tall bookcases.

Manor House Whitewashed Mirror The Manor House Mirror is almost 9 feet tall. I'd need sky high ceilings to make this piece feel at home.

I'm on a mission to complete my classes without becoming entirely distracted. Once I've bagged them all, my mission will be to thrift shop for items that I can fix up, so that my home no longer looks like it belongs to two inexperienced college students.

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