Thursday, May 26, 2011

One of many projects

Remember this patio set? I bought it, never used it, then tried to sell it, couldn't, so I just hung on to it and  and watched it get dirty and gather spiderwebs. Conrad always kind of hated it, so I had to figure out something, or he would make me get rid of it.

I decided to paint it. The white was too shabby chic, and it really showed how dirty it could get. So I bought a couple cans of spray paint, and fixed it up.

 Here's what you need: 2 cans of spray paint (they cost about $5 each), a pair of gloves (the paint is really hard to get off of skin and clothes), and cardboard or newspaper to lay on the ground.

Let me state the obvious. This should never be done inside. The fumes are really strong, and sometimes the paint sprays farther than you mean for it to. You could ruin a lot of stuff really quickly.

Just spray until its covered, allow to dry, and go over it lightly one more time for any spots you missed.
 There's the finished product! I think it looks way newer and cleaner. The paint takes a few hours to dry enough to handle, but I wouldn't sit on it for at least a whole day, just in case the little crevices have wet paint.

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