Saturday, May 7, 2011

Yosemite Packing List - Thinking Ahead

I'm extremely list-oriented, as I've said many times before. It may be a mild case of OCD or something, because I get seriously jittery if I don't write stuff down. I think my condition is worsening because I began making a list of things to bring on our trip to Yosemite - in August. At first I thought about how ridiculous I was being, then I decided to share for all you non-list-makers, so you won't be underpacked for your summer trips.

So here is a list of reasonable items to bring on a week-long summer trip, particularly a camping or outdoorsy one.

          3-4 pairs comfy hiking shorts/pants
¾     7 comfortable shirts (or more if you are a sweaty child)
¾     1 sweatshirt for nighttime
¾     2 pairs tennis shoes (one will get wet)
¾     7-10 pairs socks (definitely bring plenty of socks. You can get fungus if you wear wet socks for too long. I know. I work in a podiatrist's office)
¾     Bathing suit
¾     7 pairs underwear
¾     Rubber sandals for showers and lake
¾     Hat (nobody likes a sunburned part)

¾     Shampoo/conditioner
¾     Toothbrush/toothpaste
¾     Deodorant
¾     Lotion
¾     Bugspray*
¾     Sunscreen (30 or higher. You'll slow everyone down if you get burned on the first day)
¾     Contacts/glasses and plenty of saline. Camping can get dusty.
¾     Epipen (this one is for myself, or anyone allergic to bees)
¾     Aloe (remember that thing about slowing everyone down?)
¾     First aid kit/medicine
¾     Hand sanitizer

¾     Sleeping bag
¾     Small pillow
¾     Towel (shower and swimming)

Fun items
¾     Bikes
¾     Camel pack
¾     Fanny pack, water sling

Snacks (If you have a real campsite, bring food for the week. If not, just bring snacks for hiking)
¾     Cuties
¾     Crackers or granola or trail mix
¾     Water or Gatorade

¾     *A note about Bugspray: If you put a Bounce dryer sheet in your pocket or bra (ladies, you all know you store stuff in there, don't leave me hangin), mosquitos hate it. I wouldn't recommend using a special, flowery scent, just their regular one would be trusty. Those flowery scents might attract bugs, so I wouldn't risk it.

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