Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July weekend, part 2

On Sunday we went up to Conrad's parents' house to celebrate his Uncle Eric's birthday (July 3rd) and Libby's birthday (Liberty, July 4th). We had lots of summer fruits, salad, and pulled pork sandwiches. Let me just say as a side note, I'm totally one with the Jews, but I could never give up pork products. Really though, I love Jews. We went in the spa once it was dark and saw some wimpy, pre-4th fireworks. 

On Saturday, we met up with our ward for a pancake breakfast and morning mingling. The pancakes were delish, the bacon was crunchy (there I go with pork again) and the company was lovely. It was almost 80 degrees by 8:30am, and boy am I glad I chose to wear a white bathing suit instead of a black one. After the pancake breakfast, we met up with Conrad's family, who had so graciously reserved a rather large plot on the beach at 7:30 in the morning. 

It was a spectacular day full of swimming, paddle ball, laying out, walking, eating, and such things. I'm sore in my glutes today (my right one more than my left) from lunging side to side while paddle-balling with my sister-in-law, who, I should add, was a good sport as I continually hit the little blue ball way out of reach. We made hot dogs on a little Pal grill, ate blue potato Terra chips, and toasted mallows that were actually the size of baseballs. 

Once it started getting dark, we started walking to the fireworks location, but missed it while we walked. Conveniently, as Conrad and I were driving home, we saw a really beautiful show just over the golf course which surrounds our home. It ended perfectly. And remember those tanlines I was working on? They're epic. It's the perfect outline of my swimsuit.

I regrettably have no pictures from this day. 

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