Friday, July 1, 2011

Beach Day

Last week, my brother and 3 of his friends came down to stay with us. It was our first company (not including brothers when we were moving in)! We went to the beach, got pizza at a really good local place, and while they all went and saw Cars 2, Conrad and I went and tried a new sushi place. Here are some pics of the first beach day.

Then, as we were driving home from sushi, we had some friends tell us they had arrived. I had 6 guests in our little condo. It was wonderful. I totally love visitors. The next day, we went to the beach again, all 8 of us, and played and walked and basked.

 We found a tiny little crab - like, a real one, not a sand crab.

 We went on a walk with Sean and Allison, and the tide started getting frisky.

 The moss growing on the cliffside was really pretty.

We loaded back into our cars, got some really good, authentic Mexican food, and bid farewell to our guests.

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