Thursday, July 28, 2011

I am my mother

My mom and I are the kind of people who will find a hobby, obsess over it until something is accomplished, and move on to the next thing really quickly. For example, she fluently learned how to read Braille in a month, which is something that takes most people two or more years to do. Another example, if I find a recipe I want to try, I will stop at nothing until it is made. We decide to do something, and one minute later we are underway.

A week or so ago, I decided to start a quilt. I've never been a particularly good seamstress, but I dove right in. I just finished my first row. My mother in law is a really good quilter, but is more rational about her hobbies. She said for a quilt like mine, it could take a year if I work on it 3 hours a week (which is generally how often she does it). Being the little obsesser that I am, I spent six hours today and six hours today on it, and just completed my first of four rows. It will likely be done by the end of next week. 

I'm pretty proud of myself. What do y'all think?

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