Thursday, July 14, 2011

Um, excuse me Doctor, that's my...

I've said this phrase more than once this week.

Excuse me, that's my canker sore...
On Tuesday I had a dentist appointment, but a had a huge canker sore on the inside of my lip. There was lots of stretching of the oral variety, and it was a little uncomfortable when he would forget about it and press the little mirror-on-a-stick against it. Anyway, everything looks good, I've been much better about flossing (once a week is good, right?), and made my next appointment for 2012!

Excuse me, that's my....
Then yesterday, I had my yearly. You know, yearly. The kind of yearly that only women have? Except, technically this was my bi-yearly, since I didn't go last year. So my little date with the duck bills (you know what they are) came and went.
Looks like I'm healthy! I was told to purchase pre-natal or multivitamins, just to keep my vitamin count up. I was given some more pills. Was it worth the hour-long wait? meh. I guess. It would have been more worth it if I wasn't forced to watch the special channel they keep their TV's on. 

Gosh, what a physically (and for the second appointment, emotionally) uncomfortable week! 

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