Saturday, August 27, 2011

Watch your step

Bees have always been kind of fascinating to me. Not in the "oh, they're so cute, little bumble bees" way, but realistically. I've actually secretly fantasized about beekeeping someday, when my estate allows. I love honeys. I love that every flower makes a different flavor.

I've never been stung. Well, I had never been stung before this morning. I was at the beach and I stepped on one.

At first I was like, "Oh, I just stepped on a little pointy rock."
Then I was like, "Ow, it hurts really bad. Is it stuck to my foot?"
Then I was like, "MOTHER!!! did I just step on a needle or a jellyfish tentacle or what?! "

The pain started really mild and grew really big. I wobbled over to the lifeguards for some first aid assistance. They got me some ice, identified the wound (in between my toes, stinger had fallen out), and told me I might be really itchy tomorrow, and seek emergency medical care if I feel any shortness of breath. Thank you, I feel silly for being in so much pain from such a little thing! Don't worry, ma'am it happens all the time.

So I iced it. It felt a lot better. It was mostly numb/not in pain for the next few hours. But when we started walking around a lot, I noticed I felt really tired, and my foot hurt like my toes were broken. I came home to put some topical Benadryl on it.

Quick side note: Everyone go buy this. Put it on everything. Go.

I felt a lot better, then I started recapping the day. I realized that my beesting not only hurt me, but it killed the bee that gave it to me! I suddenly was sad for my little stinger-clad friends. I couldn't decide if it made me want to keep bees more or less.

More. I know it hurt me, but I still like bees.

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