Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Spicy Thai Noodles

I've never been able to eat at Thai restaurants because I'm severely allergic to peanuts, and Thai dishes are often riddled with them. Even when the dish itself doesn't have peanuts in it, with cross-contamination or spoons accidentally touching, or even traces on the hands of the chef, the chances of me having an allergic reaction are as high as Justin Garcia from high school. Extremely. 

Conrad always eats Thai, and has been yapping about it for months, which makes me sad that I'm missing out. So I found this really yummy Spicy Thai Noodles from a recipe I found on Pinterest, and I was really excited that I'd get to try it. 

I made a couple changes, naturally, because of the whole peanut issue. I just used chopped cashews in their place. It was delicious! However, the sauce was made mainly of oil, and there was a lot of excess, so once I tossed the pasta in it, I drained it. Next time, I'd use less, just for the sake of not wasting so much semi-expensive sesame oil. Also, I didn't have enough honey, so I substituted some sweet chili sauce, and it worked out perfectly. I think I'd actually prefer it that way. The cilantro and green onion really added some fresh flavor, and the carrots added crunch. 

You could easily make this with chicken or beef or shrimp, make it gluten-free, or add more veggies.

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