Monday, November 28, 2011

How to Remodel Wood Furniture

Last week, my brother had the week off from school, so he took the train from LA to San Diego and spent the week with us, and we all drove up together the day before Thanksgiving. While he was here, he helped me with a pretty big project. Remember how I had something planned for the hutch? I finally revamped it, and I love the way it turned out.



Here's how I did it:
Materials Needed - electric sander, sandpaper, whitewash, paintbrushes.

Almost all of the work was in the sanding. Even with the electric sander, it took at least 3 hours. Plus, it was pretty loud. Luckily, we were doing it on a day the gardeners were there, so they drowned out our noise.

Once it's sanded completely, dust it off well, and paint, stain, or whitewash it. I went with whitewash, because I really am having an obsession with distressed whites.

It was extremely easy. I stuck my poor little brother with most of the sanding, and then I helped paint. Painting a large piece of furniture is easy and fast, because once you've finished with the first layer, you can almost immediately start again in the spot you started.

It's a fairly fast project, and as long as you have the electric sander, not too laborious.

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