Monday, December 26, 2011

Disney at Christmastime

My best girlfriend had an extra one-day pass to Disneyland, and invited me to join her for a pre-holiday vacation! We got there on Thursday morning and left on Friday night. It was easily one of the funnest outings I've ever been on with a non-husband. 
On the tram heading into Disneyland. Freezing, tornado-esque winds all day.

We watched World of Color, a water/light show.

We agreed to make all the ride-pictures as hilarious or awkward as possible, so here we are, flashing on Splash Mountain...
 ...making claws on Tower of Terror... the girls in front of us a good stranglin'...

...being particularly affected by momentum on Space Mountain...

...Becky vomiting and me freaking out on California Screamin'.

Turkey leg, which was rather disgusting to me.

In line for the Teacups.

Windblown after a roller coaster.

 In the sliding cage on the ferris wheel.

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