Sunday, December 11, 2011

One-night Vacation

Here I am, at 9 in the morning, sitting on a rather rough corduroy chair, in our hotel room near Disneyland. We checked in last night, and will be checking out in a couple hours.

Last night, Conrad's company had their Christmas party at Naples Ristorante in Downtown Disney. As an incentive for the employees who had to drive longer than fifty miles, they offered to pay for a hotel room for one night! We got a couple gift cards at the party, plus dinner, plus a room.

Last year for Valentine's Day, we spent 24 hours at a hotel in Laguna Beach, then walked around town, tried a couple restaurants, and came home. I guess single-night getaways are kind of our thing. They cost approximately one seventh of a typical vacation, and you don't really spend much on travel. Just drive a few cities away, eat out a few times, spend one evening away from life, then go back refreshed! Nothing says romantic like two double beds. Today, when Conrad wakes up (that's why it's so dark. I'm trying not to wake him up), we'll explore our hotel's courtyard and lobby (last night, while checking in, I noticed some amazing grand-scale furniture; y'all know how I love me some 15-foot couches!), then checkout, and go get breakfast at whatever cafe we find.

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