Thursday, December 29, 2011

That one guy who looks like the guy from "That Thing You Do" and the other guy from "Psych"

I have 17 followers on this blog. I know there are more readers than 17, but that is the number of people who intentionally clicked "follow." 

Of all 17 followers and however many additional readers, my most consistent and supportive audience member is the one who married me. Obv. 

He's so good at everything. Particularly these things:
  • disposing of the dry, shriveled, see-through Christmas tree
  • coming home at a mostly consistent time every day
  • saving us money [even though I often complain about this one]
  • being so enthusiastic about our future
  • telling me i look so cute in my baggiest sweatpants and two-days-worn shirt
  • making me feel proud and accomplished every time one of my measly paychecks comes
  • convincing me that my bad recipes are good and my good recipes are amazing
  • giggling and tickling and playing until one of us gets hurt and literally cries (me. every time. me)
  • singing Disney songs jumbled with Bob Dylan lyrics, Neil Young harmonica solos, and at least three "Shmess is the love of my life" references (Shmess is me, FYI)

No, it's not our anniversary. Nor is it his birthday. Its just Thursday. And I love him.

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