Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Couple of Do-Nothings

For two days in a row, when I've gotten home from work, I've immediately changed into comfy clothes and jumped into bed. 
At 1:00 in the afternoon. 
I do homework for hours (there may be some phone calls, Private Practice, and blogging involved). 
There I stay until Conrad comes home. I greet him at the door at 6:30, and we hop right back into bed with our laptops, and lounge away until bedtime. 
Last night, I was craving sweets, so I whipped up some banana-chocolate chip muffins with the one old banana I had. They were scrumptious. 
We also had a sub-par dinner of chili on rice with way too many beans. 
It would have been a great winter meal if I didn't ruin it with the beans. 

But, oh, the lounging. 
This is a routine I may start to habit. 

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