Monday, January 9, 2012

SOS: Save Our Soles

I like to consider myself a pretty good recycler. Granted, my Diet Pepsi cans don’t always make it to the recycling bin, what I am good at reusing is paper. I save old junk mail, phone books, and magazines in a special “Scrap Paper” box, and use them again to line Ninners’ cage, as kindling for lighting fires in my fireplace, scratch paper for phone messages, etc.

I recently bought some stylish riding boots that come up to my knees. They’re amazing when I wear them, but when they’re off, they slouch over and get crease lines on the ankles. Repeated treatment like this can ruin your boots. You may be wondering what my boots and pension for saving paper have to do with each other.

Here’s what:

Extend the life of your boots by rolling up an old magazine and slipping it inside the legs. They’ll stand upright and prevent slouchiness. And tackiness. 

Plus, now you have another reason to hang on to that magazine with Brad Pitt on the cover just a little bit longer. 

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  1. perfection! i love this! i didnt even realize all my slouchy boots were a problem (besides it just being annoying). and i have a million old fitness mags that i just cant make myself throw away yet.


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