Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The boyfriend blazer

For Christmas, I convinced myself that I needed a bold item added to my closet, so I told my Nana - that's right - to get me this certain red blazer from Brass Plum. It was 80's-tastic. And I absolutely couldn't pull it off. Plus, when can you where a red blazer and not feel inappropriately dressed? Almost never, guys. Except maybe twenty five years ago. So I never even wore it once, not even to the family Christmas party (to which I promised Nana I'd wear said blazer). I just hung it up and stuck it in my closet and tried not to think about what a wasted purchase I put my poor Nana through.

And then one glorious day, I had a brilliant idea: take it back. It's Nordstrom's, after all. They ask no questions. So I exchanged it for a black blazer, and suddenly my wardrobe expanded! I'm obsessed. I was feeling so good that I promptly hopped over to Sprinkles cupcakes and spent way too much money on cupcakes. Which were amazing. Even the next day. BAMF.


  1. i have two blazers, a black one and a grey/tan one, and i dont know how people live without them!! completely a wardrobe staple. also, side note- three blogs i have read today now have talked about owning blazers. glad i already have some or else id be out spending too much money right now.

    1. I had a black one that was really tailored, and it hugged all the wrong places. I don't know how I ever lived without the one in the picture.


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