Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Last day of February

February is a great month. First of all, its really short, which is always nice because by about this time, I want to get the heck out of winter and into a warmer month. March starts to bring that. The end of Feb also means the end of working at the Podiatrist's office. With everything that we've been working on, it just wasn't really worth it to stay there, so I put in my two-weeks notice.  Feb is also great because it contains my half birthday - but only once every 4 years. That's right, my half-birthday is on February 29! Conrad said we should celebrate half as much. I think he's about right. Here's what I'm thinking: Wake up, go to the nursing home (for the last time!!), make these froggie cupcakes for New Beginnings, do homework, maybe tutor, go to mutual and share the cupcakes, and do homework until 1 in the morning. How celebratory, right? Meh. I guess it was a pretty sad day in my life when I learned that grown-ups have to work on their half-birthdays. Here is my half-birthday/warm weather wishlist.

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