Thursday, March 22, 2012

Conference breakfast brainstorm

Struffoli: tiny balls of fried dough mingled with hazelnuts, covered in glaze and sprinkles 
Struffoli - tiny balls of fried dough, mixed with hazelnuts and covered in thick glaze

estonian kringel 
Estonian Kringel - cinnamon-roll-type wreath

I love General Conference weekends. They're a time that you get to eat food you don't normally get to eat, spend lots of time with family, and hear the inspired words from men of God. I love browsing for food ideas. Remember last Thanksgiving? I had tons of ideas for things to make, and only ended up making one or two. This time, I only have a couple ideas (above), and I'm almost certain I'll only do one. I think the Struffoli sounds really interesting, but it's a lot of work (does that even matter? I have the time). Then the Kringel sounds pretty good, but cinnamon isn't my first choice. I mostly like the way it looks. Curse you, food photographers! You're making me fat! Any other yummy ideas for a conference breakfast?

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