Friday, March 30, 2012

The Frame Wall

Hasn't this lady said enough puns about her name? No. No, she hasn't. In fact, when I had the idea to make a wall of frames, it didn't occur to me that people might think it was punny until a friend said "Oh, how funny! Frames at the Frames!" Afterwards, I looked in the mirror and glared at myself for a whole minute. Anyways, I think they look good. It's a nice, geometric accent to your wall, and it adds the decorative aspect of pictures, but you don't have to worry about matching picture themes or colors. I had several frames stacked against the wall in my craft room (aka The War Zone), and decided I should do something with them. I had to tear the backing off a couple of them, but pretty soon I had them all ready. I laid them out on the floor in various arrangements, and decided on the one below. 

I'm considering changing the paint color on my wall. Maybe something a little brighter? Let me know of any suggestions! Below are some picture/frame collages from my pinterest that served as inspiration.




I like the shelves...mix match b&w; style except my couch is brown leather

love the sofa!

"Mark a horizontal midline on the wall, and hang all pictures above or below it..."

White frames. just like me and my hub.

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