Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Getting into shape

Yesterday I went and got Indian food at a restaurant near my house, and it was ridiculously good. It sent me to the bathroom for a good thirty minutes (too much?). Later in the evening, Conrad and I had our first training session for Crossfit, and it kicked our booties for a second time. Five pull-ups? Hahahaha! ...You're serious...oh.  I'm actually really impressed with how I did. I beat Conrad as far as finishing the course first. This time, there were no angry thoughts or death wishes. I enjoyed it a lot more. Our trainer said the first session is the hardest. We're going again on Friday, and I find myself looking forward to it (I think I have a fever. Or maybe a brain parasite). The whole program has got me really excited for summer, because we are going to be so HAWT in our swimsuits. But who are we kidding? Conrad's always looked delish. 

After Crossfit, we went to Rubio's and got some fish tacos, which, after working out, are the best thing in the world. Some crispy, fried fish that's greasy and saucy and wrapped in a carb-alicious tortilla? Don't mind if I do!

Some awkward-poke moments:
- Some guy at the gym gave me the nod tonight. Right as I ran past him. With my husband. 
- Conrad didn't wear his ring, but I wore mine, and I'm pretty sure some people thought he was my mister. 
- Me doing pull-ups. Actually, I don't know what's worse: me doing pull-ups, or me doing pull-ups with the rubber strap that assists you. I still couldn't even chin up, and when I stepped down, my foot was stuck, and I almost kicked my instructor in the face. 
- Noodle legs. When every step you take, your knee kind of gives out a little, and you look like a pimp, only it's an accident. 
- Me rowing. I could never be on crew. My limbs are far too short. 

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