Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My accomplishments for the day

Went grocery shopping, cleaned Ninners's cage, did homework, brought home a pizza from our favorite place, had a friend over, watched a '90's movie. It's funny how some days all you need to do is regular stuff, and you feel so busy and fulfilled, and other days, you do all the same stuff, and you're bored and unmotivated. Today I was fulfilled. So happy. Ninners kept biting the camera, so this was the only semi-still picture I could get. I'm actually really excited for the groceries I bought. We've got some good meals coming this week. Diet Pepsi is always the number-one priority. BBQ ribs and veggies, tortellini, taco salad, and protein burgers (no buns, just lettuce). I didn't realize until just now how much meat we're going to eat. Taco salad is still salad, right? We're just trying to reduce some of the bad carbs, so meat, veggies, and fruit are pretty much the staples. It's cool. I love me some pork ribs. 

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