Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sea Legs

Picture taken by Megan.

My brother and his cute girlfriend Megan came to town on Friday! They got here before Conrad got home, so we went and grabbed some sushi and walked on the beach. We played around on the Jetty at Ponto beach, and  poked at the anemones and watched them squirm. It was really beautiful and warm. The tide was high, so we kept getting splashed as the waves hit the rocks. I love climbing around on jetties. Later, once Conrad was off work, we went to Borelli's, our favorite local Italian place at the moment. We got amazing pizza and pasta, and then came home and jumped in the jacuzzi. Ryan has a particular devotion to our sauna, so of course we had to go and sweat out all our water. I love when my family visits. I especially love being older, and my siblings can drive. Would you guess from the picture that he is five years younger than me?

A separate note: We went to an intro session at a Crossfit gym yesterday, and let me tell you, my booty has been kicked. SO MUCH SQUATTING. I wanted to die. I was so angry while I was doing this. Here's probably a look at my thoughts, mid-workout: "I hate this. I hate everyone here. I'm never coming back. I want to die. I'm going to have a huge cheeseburger after this. I'm so thirsty. I think my lung collapsed. There's not even one more rep in me. I can't finish. OK, one more. OH PAIN." And then when it was over, I loved it. I was so glad it was over, but I also felt really good. My legs are jello, and I fell over when I was trying to get a drink. Yes. FELL OVER. Onto the ground. In front of people. I'm so sore today! And probably will be for the next few days. But  I already have more energy (I'm 100% positive it's psychological, but hey, whatever it takes). I'm thinking of going back! Conrad loved it. 

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  1. framed lady!!! nice... um i always love a look into your thoughts! very humorous.


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