Monday, April 23, 2012

Awkward Pokes

- The noises I make at Crossfit. Sometimes, flipping a certain huge tire takes a lot of effort. Sometimes that effort results in me grunting really loud and long like a warrior. And then all the handsome men at the gym (except my husband - he's used to my weirdness) look at me like I'm repulsive.
- A certain toenail clipping incident in which I attacked my ingrown nails, went way too deep, and may or may not now be infected.
- Trying to fall asleep after watching a particularly frightening episode of "The X-Files." Cheesiest show ever, I know. But still. My night goes a little like this:

Conrad, can you make sure the blinds are closed really well?
He does it.
Five minutes after we've settled into bed, I start looking around the room, turning shadows into monsters.
Conrad, go take down the robes from the back of the door. It looks like a ghost. 
He does it.
Another five minutes later, I hear Ninners make noise in his cage, and I convince myself that there's an intruder.
Naturally, I start crying. Conrad the Hero troops the house, pretending to check for danger. When I'm certain I'm safe, I wimper myself to sleep. It's pathetic.

- Since we bought our condo, we've gotten lots of catalogs addressed to the previous owner. One of those catalogs came the other day, and when I saw the outfit pictured above on the cover, I looked down at my own outfit and almost fell over. I was wearing the same outfit. It seems that I'm fashionable, according to this middle-aged women's business clothing store.
- Planning out your meals for the week and sticking to it! It's quite an accomplishment if we eat in every night, seven days in a row.
- Seeing myself tone up from Crossfit. The number on the scale hasn't really gone down, but my clothes fit better and I feel great! Plus, Conrad can't get enough.
- Doing button swaps with other blogs. That is awesome. 

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  1. fun to read your awkward and awesome..interesting!!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    that is crazy too about that outfit..kind of proof you have good taste, right?!


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