Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Baby Burp Rags

These are some baby burp rags I made for my etsy shop (and have yet to actually post). They are all $6.00 each. 

Top: Extra long blue and beige boho pattern. Rectangular, sewn into 4 sections. Sewn Edges. 
Second: Avocado green with thin black stripes. Square, sewn into 8 sections. Sewn Edges.
Third: Orange rectangle, sewn into 4 striped sections. Knotted edges. (Only 1)
Fourth: White and tan knit material. Oval. Knotted Edges.
Fifth: Pink striped knit material. Square. Knotted edges. 

I can do any combination of material, shape, size, and edge style. I can also use old t-shirts to make them if you have any you'd like to recycle. I made some for my own future babies out of Conrad's shirts, and they're super soft. I'm currently making some more in various materials, which I will post soon. Email me at for custom requests! 

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  1. These are so cute! If I had a baby, I'd want one :) By the way, I read on another post that we had the same birthday, how neat :) I also share my our bday with hurricane katrina..yuck.. and being from new orleans, I play up the MJ thing way more! Cute blog, love your posts!


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