Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend, Part 1

On Friday, My sister, mom, Nana, and I drove out to a Redlands tea house for my aunt's birthday. There were delicious herbal teas, and some of the richest desserts I've ever had. No joke, I didn't even finish the plate of mini desserts I got, and it still sent me to the bathroom for twenty minutes (too much?). 

My studly brother, Conrad and I took a trip to Jersey Mike's for some vinegar-licious subs. He was just so handsome on those stairs, tying his shoes like he owned the place. I had to snap some pics. 

Watching an Easter Island special on the National Geographic channel, using the exercise ball for it's intended use: footrest. Also, admiring my shrunken stomach and thighs (thank you crossfit!). Then I went to In-n-out with my mom and cancelled out all my weight-lifting by eating Animal Style Fries.

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