Friday, April 13, 2012

The itch

Conrad sent me this message today:
"I'm kind of getting antsy to move somewhere or do something big for some reason!"

We've got the itch. The vacation/moving itch. We've been living in our condo for about 10 months, which is the longest we've ever lived in one place. We usually move by this point. We also take a few vacations every year. Our last vacation was in October to the East Coast. We're thinking about some places we'd like to visit. We've got our Yellowstone trip planned for July for my graduation in Idaho, but we're looking to go somewhere right now. Any suggestions? Conrad's even suggested that we move to Costa Rica or Biarritz. 


  1. I get the itch, too (well...that sounded weird)! My husband and I just finished college, so we moved at least once per year for four years straight. In the past year, we've lived in three different cities! Now he has a real, adult job and it seems weird that we'll be here for quite awhile. I guess we'll have to count on amazing vacations to fill our travel desires...
    I don't know where all you've been, but I vote Europe!

    Left brain, right brain, pug brain.

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